Auto Tag Removal Kit
Auto Tag Removal Kit
Auto Tag Removal Kit
Auto Tag Removal Kit
Auto Tag Removal Kit
Auto Tag Removal Kit

Auto Tag Removal Kit

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1 set Skin Mole Killed Remover Micro Bands Face Care Tool Mole Wart Tool Skin Label Removal Kit With Cleansing Swabs Home Use

This is the Auto Tag Removal Kit! With this kit, you can easily remove skin tags and any similar skin problem absolutely pain-free!
It removes skin tags quickly and easily! Just apply the skin tag removal device on any skin tag on your body and you'll see them slowly fall off and away!
Get rid of pesky skin tags and regain your confidence! Get your flawless skin back with the auto tag removal kit. In just one application, you can get back to looking and feeling your best!

It's super easy to use! Get rid of your skin tags in just 6 easy steps! So you can immediately get rid of those annoying skin tags in no time!
It also has a wide range of uses! Not only does it get rid of skin tags, but it can also remove warts and large moles easily without any additional steps!
Use it on any part of your body! From your face to your neck and even down to your knees. It can remove any skin problem in any part of your body that has it!
Get back your smooth skin in just about 10 days! The Auto Tag Removal Kit will remove blood flow to the skin tag in the first 4 days! The skin tag then dries up in days 4 to 6. It gets hard and falls off in days 7 to 10.

The Auto Tag Removal Kit comes as a set that includes a pair of band remover and guide, skin tag ring bands, and the auto tag removal device.
Dimensions: Small Nib (2-4mm), Large Nib (4-8mm)
Package Includes:
1 x Auto Tag Removal Device
2 x Auto Tag Band Remover And Guide Tool
20 x Regular Size (4-8mm) Skin Tag Ring Bands
24 x Small Size (2-4mm) Skin Tag Rings Bands

Bullet Points:
1、The Kit Includes: Each kit includes 1 x skin Mole removal, 2pcs x tape removal cone, 20pcs x 4-8 mm rubber , 20pcs x 2-4 mm rubber , 10pcs x cleaning sheet.
2、Safe and Painless: These skin Mole removal patches work quickly and effectively without pain or burning sensation. The skin Mole remover makes the skin dry and the moles and warts fall off.
3、Suitable for All Body Parts: It is specially designed for skin labeling on the face and body, but we do not recommend using it on sensitive areas of the eyes.
4、Mini Skin Mole Removal Kit: The mini skin Mole removal kit can be used for all small and medium-sized skin Mole, suitable for skin Mole with the widest side 2 mm-8 mm.
5、How to Use: Clean the skin first, put on the rubber from the thin end of the cone, and slide it to the wide side of the cone place the cone on the skin mark, align it with the surrounding skin, and finally move it from the cone In addition to the rubber


Our skin Mole removal device is an innovative design allowing for quick and safe skin Mole removal. This remover device works by stopping the skin Mole blood supply, which will cause the skin Mole to drop off within days. The Micro Skin Mole Remover can be used on all skin Mole that is small to medium size, it's suitable for skin Mole with the widest side of 2mm-5mm. If the skin Mole is smaller than 2mm, the bands may not be able to grip the skin Mole tightly. It's designed to be used on skin Mole on the face and body but we wouldn't recommend using it around the sensitive eye area.

Name: Skin Mole Remover

Packing List:
1*Skin Mole Remover
2*Remove with Cone
10*Cleaning Sheet
20*2-4mm/0.08-0.16in Rubber Ring
20*4-8mm/0.16-0.31in Rubber Ring

1. Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is a color difference in the product, please understand.
2. Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size. 


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