360 Pet Shower Tool
360 Pet Shower Tool
360 Pet Shower Tool
360 Pet Shower Tool

360 Pet Shower Tool

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A Simple & Efficient Tool For Washing & Rinsing Dogs Of All Sizes In Minutes!

Do you wish to wash your dog safely and easily? Our 360 Dog Washer offers the best pet grooming tool for easy washing and rinsing dogs of all sizes in less than one minute.

Just connect it to your hose, add shampoo, slip the hoop over your dog and turn on. The soap and water instantly mix, creating a sudsy solution to scrub your pup clean from head to tail. Your dog will be shampooed and rinsed in under one minute. The secret is in the 360-degree design that allows for a ring of water to jet gently around your dog for 360 degrees of clean. It lets dogs of all sizes get 360 degrees of clean. Your dog will love bath time again!


  • GENTLER & FASTER CLEANING PROCESS: Keep your pet looking and feeling good while saving precious time and effort during bath time. The creative design of washer 360 works on large and small dogs. It’s made of high-quality plastic which is non-toxic, beautiful and durable. It folds up easily when not in use for easy storage.

  • MAKE BATH TIME EASIER & STRESS-FREE: This washer 360 switches effortlessly between clean water and shampoo. The shampoo and water mix instantly to wash your pup from head to toe. It has a switch, water regulation, shampoo container which is very convenient. A much more relaxing bathing experience for your pet!

  • 360°DESIGN: The 360 washer connects to your standard hose to make quick work of washing your dog. It sprays your dog from all sides simultaneously from 30 water jets. Water sprayed from small holes and it looks like a hula hoop which sprays water. It helps make washing your pet simple and hassle-free.


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