Acupressure Massager Mat Set
Acupressure Massager Mat Set
Acupressure Massager Mat Set
Acupressure Massager Mat Set
Acupressure Massager Mat Set

Acupressure Massager Mat Set

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Stimulate Pressure Points in the Neck and Back & Experience Wellness and Relaxation With This Ultimate Acupressure Massager Mat Set!

Want to get relief from the stiff and painful feeling of your back or neck after a long day of work? Introducing our Acupressure Massager Mat Set that triggers pressure points in the body with its thousands of strategically-placed pricks. Promote your blood circulation, relieve stress & aches with this simple massager!


  • RELIEVE YOUR PAIN: This acupressure mat reduces tension in your muscles by releasing endorphins to your brain that block pain while relaxing your body. All you need is to lay on the mat for ten or up to 30 minutes, and you will feel a surge of comfort and pain relief to your neck, feet, and back muscles. Also, it promotes relaxation and long hours of quality sleep.

  • FIT YOUR BACK ENTIRELY: The massage mat has the perfect width and length that is enough to fit your entire back. It provides full support to your back; you can lie on this mat and get total coverage for your whole back - including your neck!
    No longer dealing with the mats that can only support your upper to middle back! 

  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The portable mat can be taken with you anywhere you want to go. You can store it in the trunk of your car, or your luggage whenever you go for traveling. Simply lay on the mat whether you are at home or on a trip. It is like getting a massage anytime and anywhere you want!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MAT: Made of soft foam, and thick cotton that assures that the acupressure mat will last for a long time. The acupressure points are firm, and sturdy with durable materials.

  • INCREASE YOUR ENERGY: The acupressure points on the mat improve your blood circulation. As a result, it increases your energy and fastens the recovery of your overworked muscles.

  • EFFECTIVE YET GENTLE MAT: The acupressure massager mat comes with tender points that provide a massaging effect without the discomfort and pain, unlike other massager mats.

  • STRESS RELIEVER: After a tiring day, lay on the mat for the ultimate relaxation. The acupressure points massage your back to help release tight muscles and relieve all your stress.

  • AN ADDITIONAL PILLOW INCLUDED: The mat comes with an included pillow for your neck support to cover in your acupressure points for additional pain relief. 


Due to the extremely high demand and actual pandemic situation , orders take on average between 14 and 25 working days to arrive at their destination. Please be patient, we do our best to fill every order we receive!