Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover
Car Scratch Remover

Car Scratch Remover

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A Perfect Solution To All Car Paint Imperfections & Blemishes!

Do you want a convenient solution that will help you to remove car scratches safely? Our Car Scratch Remover is developed to remove light paint scratches and scuffs of your vehicle.

  • ELIMINATES SCRATCHES & STAINS: The car scratch remover quickly, effectively and safely remove light scratches, lines, eliminate fading paint layer and oxide layer. It’s designed to remove some defects to your car, like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk.

  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: This car scratch remover is using magic nano-special micro-dissolving technology to activate color with a fiber cloth, rub gently until the stain disappears.

  • RESTORES YOUR CAR'S SHINE: Car scratch remover restores the smoothness, gloss, and brilliance for faded and weathered paint layer. It can be used on any car or motorcycle in any color.


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