COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator
COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator
COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator
COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator
COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator

COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator

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Keep All Your Skincare Products Fresh and Make Your Beauty Space More Insta-ready Like Never Before!

Want a convenient way to keep your skincare products fresh? Forget about running to your fridge in the morning to get your eye gel. Now you can have it in the comfort of your bathroom, bedroom or vanity. COOLMETIC Cosmetic Refrigerator is the most functional and glam addition to any bathroom or vanity which helps you to organize and keep your makeup/skincare products fresh.



  • REFRIGERATE YOUR COSMETIC/SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Keeping your skincare products in below-room-temperatures extends the shelf life of your products. Nothing feels better than a cold face-mask on your skin! Using cool products on your skin can close pores and reduce facial puffiness. Maintain your night skincare routine by keeping the fridge in your room.

  • PORTABLE: Now you can carry your skincare products easily anywhere you want. An integrated top handle lets you bring it with you wherever you go! Perfect for keeping in the back seat of your car while going on trips.

  • THERMOELECTRIC SYSTEM: The thermoelectric system uses thermoelectric power, circulating your choice of cold/hot air through a small electric fan. It uses much less energy compared to your traditional refrigerator.

  • SLEEK DESIGN: Our cosmetic fridge has a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Our beautiful gloss finish fits perfectly on any vanity or in any home.


Due to the extremely high demand and actual pandemic situation , orders take on average between 14 and 25 working days to arrive at their destination. Please be patient, we do our best to fill every order we receive!