Detangler Hair Brush
Detangler Hair Brush
Detangler Hair Brush
Detangler Hair Brush

Detangler Hair Brush

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Skip the Pain & Easily Detangle Super Kinky & Oily Hair Types With Detangler Hair Brush!

Detangling super curly hair is such a pain! Our brush can detangle every hair type without any issues. You can apply your favorite conditioner or wet your hair to glide through the curls and detangle easily.


  • SUPREME QUALITY DETANGLER: This detangle hairbrush has multiple rows of flexible, independent bristles, can easily detangle matted curly, wavy, thick, long, or natural hair-without damage. The longer bristles reach down behind the neck, where most of our issues like to hide. You and your kids will feel less pain if you use this detangler hairbrush. You will no longer have tangle issues.

  • STUNNING DESIGN: Luxuriously crafted for hairstylists and beauty lovers, this brush has been designed with quality in mind. Even the brush looks large; the improved handle design makes it easier to grip; you do not need to worry about how to control it. On the back of the handle, there is a removable cover; you can take the small cover off when you want to hang the brush on the wall.

  • VENT HAIR BRUSH FOR BLOW DRYING: This curved vent hairbrush has a detachable bracket. You can adjust the distance between the bristles with brackets. The back of the radial vent hairbrush has a ventilated area, which allows airflow to move through the section, make your hair a uniform heat, reduce blow-drying time, prevent hair damage from overheating.

  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF HAIR: If you have typical tangle or super curly types of hair, this is the hairbrush afro for you. If you are a lady with natural black hair, beautiful hair, short thick hair, or thick long curly-ish hair, this brush is also your best choice.


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