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Eco Swab
Eco Swab
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Eco Swab

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Effectively Reduce the Use of Disposable Cotton Swabs in Your Daily Life!

Want to help reduce pollution? People use 1.5 billion of cotton swabs every day. Billions of swabs litter oceans around the world, harming marine animals like sea horses, dolphins, etc. Replace your traditional cotton swabs with Eco Swab and contribute to environmental pollution.



  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for cleaning hard to reach places, removing dirt from ears inside, removing grease. Another function that's designed for makeup and touch-ups. It also has the resilience to be cleaned thoroughly, enabling long-term use.

  • LIGHT & PORTABLE: The product is light in weight and easy to carry. They come with a handy carrying case that holds both reusable swabs to easily take with you anywhere. You can put it in your cosmetic bag and it doesn't take up space.

  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Feature 100% safe and non-toxic medical silicone. Each swab is made from super soft and flexible nubs. Delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts. So precise that it can be a make-up essential.

  • REUSABLE: Super easy to clean with just some water and a dab of soap to reuse it. Comes in a few different colors to choose from so you'll know which one's yours in a house full of reusable cotton swabs.


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