Ice Scraper Tool
Ice Scraper Tool
Ice Scraper Tool
Ice Scraper Tool

Ice Scraper Tool

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A Quick & Easy Solution to Get Rid of the Stubborn Snow From Windshield

Regular ice scrapers and snow removers just don't remove enough snow. You have to either push or pull in order to remove the debris from your car. It's really a work of hassle. What if one tool can make this tedious work a breeze? Scrape off a huge chunk of snow in seconds with our Ice Scraper Tool.

  • JUST WIPE OFF EVEN THE TOUGHEST ICE ON GLASS: The circular scraping-a-round ice scraper is said to clear ice and snow from your car windows twice as fast as traditional scrapes with large 18-inch scraping surface. Simply move it in any direction or in circles to remove more snow from your car. The end of it has mini spikes which you can use to tap on the ice to easily break it away.

  • OPTIMUM SCRAPING EFFICIENCY: Ingeniously designed ice scraper and snow remover that's cone-shaped. One side of the cone ice scraper is extra wide to cover more area for scraping and snow removal from your car, whereas the other side of the cone is meant to be an ice-breaker.

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: It loosens bigger ice chunks easily, scrapes frost and ice with ease. It can remove even the most frozen frost from the windows of your car with ease, will not scratch the glass on your car while using it.

  • ERGONOMIC & COMFORTABLE GRIP: Unique cone shape makes it comfortable to understand and use. Lightweight and very comfortable grasp allows you to move the wiper in any direction.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It also works as a funnel to easily add washer fluid to your car without spilling all over the place. Just remove the tip of the ice scraper and it instantly turns into a funnel.


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