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Monitor & Track Your Keto Journey to Achieve Your Goals More Effectively!

Are you active in Keto, Paleo, Cyclical Carb, or Low Carb Diets like Atkins? Want to know your ketone level and make plans to control it? With our Keto Check, quickly get the precise results of your Ketone level all by yourselves in your home.

  • EASY TO USE: Ketones in urine indicate there is not enough insulin available to use glucose for energy; you are using fat instead. Keep the strip out of direct light and only remove 1 strip at a time for immediate use. Place testing area in a sample of urine or mid-stream. Wait ~15 seconds for the area to change color. Review your level of acetoacetic acid (ketone) based on the color of the strips to learn about your carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

  • MEASURE PRECISE RESULTS: Detailed instructions & color chart included. The fastest way to get accurate results with high precision ketone level strips. If the urine has a fat metabolite, fatty ketone, the test paper color will gradually turn purple. The deeper the color of ketones, the more fat the sport burns.

  • CONVENIENT: Results in 15 seconds. High-grade keto urine strips safely sealed to ensure the quality of each urine strip tester. It’ll serve as a guide to help you meet your dieting goals. Use in the convenience of your home, work, or the gym without the pain of needles on a ketone blood meter device.

  • MONITOR YOUR DIETING RESULTS & TRACK PROGRESS: Don’t guess if you're reaching ketosis. Keto Check strips are a reliable and cost-effective method for testing your ketone levels. These ketone test strips will accurately help you measure your ketosis levels in just seconds!


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