Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid
Liquid Band Aid

Liquid Band Aid

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A Superior Waterproof Band-aid That Will Cure Your Wounds With Outstanding Convenience 

Do you often suffer from cuts and wounds? You are an active person seeking some flexible antiseptic solution? Then this Liquid Band Aid is the perfect solution for your dilemmas.


  • WATERPROOF BANDAGE WITH INSTANT DRYING: New Waterproof Transparent Dressing shelters cuts and scrapes, prevents and protects blisters. It helps prevent the formation of calluses and covers painful hangnails & chapped or cracked fingertips. Great for hikers, bikers, runners, bowlers, tennis players, & musicians.

  • TRANSPARENT YET STRONG & EFFECTIVE: Liquid Band-aid is no ordinary Band-aid. It creates an instant drying, tough protective barrier while allowing the skin to breathe. Antiseptic and sterile, Invisible Liquid Band-aid is an advanced Band-aid for your active life.

  • HEALS THE WOUND WITH FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: Invisible Liquid Band-aid is an antiseptic flexible cut and scrapes protection that so you can get back to the action at hand. It dries rapidly to form a tough protective cover.

  • CONVENIENT & SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: This remarkable band-aid suits all skin types. And the convenience of this product is beyond measure as it is water-resistant and it dries out immediately.


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