MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick
MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick
MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick
MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick

MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick

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No Matter When & No Matter Where - Take Awesome Shots Even During Intense Situations!

Looking for a lightweight and flexible monopod for on the go? Whether you are a traveler, athlete or blogger – our MONKEY TAIL Selfie Stick is a game changer! It can be easily bent, formed and wrapped in any instances. You can use your smartphone or GoPro cameras which makes it easy for you to take the perfect photo anywhere.

Simply whip out the selfie stick and wrap it onto a signpost, railings or any other objects imaginable and take the perfect photo with your family or friends. With the included Bluetooth remote, you now can have take photos at longer distances with a single click. Say goodbye to setting up cumbersome tripods on uneven ground or floor which results in ugly or blurry photos.


  • WORKS WITH SMARTPHONES & GOPRO CAMERAS: One for all. Whether smartphone or GoPro or mini digital camera, you can attach any of your devices to this stick and capture your favorite moments. The monopod head is absolutely robust and provides a stable hold. The mobile phone or camera will always remain in their position and will not shake.

  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONTROL: Now you can take photos or videos with your phone even from a greater distance even when you are traveling alone. Fantastic for taking group shots with your family and friends as well. Compatible with iPhones & Android smartphones.

  • VERSATILE: This mount can be attached to all objects: The fields of application are limitless. Enjoy the freedom and make your photos & videos when and where you want. Within seconds, it can be installed and positioned. No annoying assembly and disassembly.

  • EASY TO CARRY: Whether backpack, handbag or jute bag. The Supreme Flexible Selfie Stick fits everywhere Light luggage - great for traveling! It can also be used in the office, home, gym, cars, and bikes.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This selfie stick is made from premium materials which are solid and durable. It also doesn’t damage your devices. All your electronic devices can be set up in just a few simple steps.

  • 360 FLEXIBLE & BENDABLE: The non-slip hard rubber provides a perfect grip on all surfaces and objects. The flexible gooseneck can be easily bent, shaped & wrapped in seconds to any objects you desire.


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