The Men Coin Purse
The Men Coin Purse
The Men Coin Purse
The Men Coin Purse
The Men Coin Purse

The Men Coin Purse

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Carry-All Of Your Coins & Get Great Protection While Vacationing Alone!

Want a simple & convenient way to carry a self-defense accessory? The Men Purse is a perfect item to keep in your purse, bag, or looped around your belt for when you may (on the off chance) need some coinage, or you need to defend yourself against an attacker.

  • SIMPLE & PRACTICAL DESIGN: The coin pocket has a zippered closure that opens up where you can store all of your excess coins. It can be fastened around your belt or inside a purse or bag with the buckle for easy carrying.

  • SELF-DEFENSE TOOL: The coin purse weapon uses the weight of the coins on one end of the device to create extreme momentum and power to hit and impair any would-be attackers, thieves, rapists, etc. In extreme situations, the coin purse will give you at least something to defend yourself with.

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This is a coin purse handcrafted from thick leather that can hold coins to prevent loss. One-needle and one-line hand-stitching, thick-line sewing, wear-resisting and durable.

  • EASY TO USE: In an emergency, just unsnap the coin purse, hold onto the handle, and swing and smash anything that needs smashing. Suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


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