Travel Mosquito Repellent
Travel Mosquito Repellent
Travel Mosquito Repellent
Travel Mosquito Repellent

Travel Mosquito Repellent

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Say Bye-bye to Mosquitoes Without Repeatedly Spraying Repellents!

Are you an active traveler? Are you always facing trouble with mosquitoes and insects while exploring the outdoors? Mosquitoes are irritating and risky for your health too! Get yourself equipped with a safe repeller which works even in the mosquito-infested outdoors. solar powered our Travel Mosquito Repellent will work to repel the annoying mosquitoes and insects.

  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Ordinary spraying repellent just won’t do any good when you’re outdoors. Our repeller emits invisible sound waves that trigger the mosquitoes to drive away from you when they’re nearby while not causing any harm to the human body, pets, and the environment. Stop the use of your harmful repellent sprays every hour just to keep mosquitoes away from you.

  • SOLAR-POWERED: Comes with a built-in solar panel which makes it convenient as you explore and enjoy the outdoors. No batteries or wired needed – Just charge by placing under the sun, turn on the switch and enjoy for hours!

  • WIDE APPLICATION: An essential item for all outdoor activities, especially for camping, hunting, mountaineering, running, hiking, traveling, fishing, grilling, gardening, picnics, etc.

  • BUILT-IN COMPASS: Equipped with a compass which can be helpful in assisting you to identify directions outdoors. You no longer have to worry in case you get lost when wandering around.

  • EASY TO CARRY: Compact, lightweight and portable. Designed with a hook for a hassle-free and hands-free use. Just clip it on your clothes, bags, belt loops, and more.


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