3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner
3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner
3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner
3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner
3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner

3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner

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Don't Let Your Fish Sick Due to Murky Water With 3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner!

Are you sure about your fish's atmosphere? To give your fish the most healthy environment, 3 in 1 Auto Gravel Cleaner is mandatory! It makes it ideal for gravel cleaning, sludge extracting, and water changing.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The upgraded aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner has 3 in 1 functions with washing sand, draining the fish poop, and dirty to the outside directly. Suit for freshwater and seawater and various depth fish tank.

  • POWERFUL CLEANING FUNCTION: It can be used for clean gravel, absorb dirt, change the water, wash sand, suck the stool. Durable Power with Suction enough to improve the water, suck food debris & fish poop out of aquarium quickly.

  • DYNAMIC POWER: The 16W powerful water pump motor can provide the maximum flow. It only takes a few times to pump out a tank. At the same time, the pump flow is adjustable.

  • CONVENIENT TO INSTALL AND USE: Plug-in power and turn on the switch to use. A push-button start, washing sand, and purifying water at the same time.


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