Cat Drinking Feeder
Cat Drinking Feeder
Cat Drinking Feeder
Cat Drinking Feeder
Cat Drinking Feeder

Cat Drinking Feeder

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Spend More Time With Your Pet and Less Time Refilling Their Bowl

Want to provide a reservoir to your pet which will give them continuous access to fresh water? Our electric Cat Drinking Feeder with charcoal filter provides pure, oxygen-rich water for your pets to enjoy drinking, improving hydration and overall pet health.



  • WATER FOUNTAIN DESIGN: Cat & dog waterfall dispenser encourages pets to drink more with a continuous flow of freshwater. The automatic water bowl is equipped with a submersible pump & charcoal filter to oxygenate the water. It has been engraved with fish design to entice your cat to drink water. Whisper-quiet operation, won't scare your pets.

  • ENCOURAGES HYDRATION: Free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more, and helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases in pets through increased hydration. Our pet fountain keeps your pet healthy and hydrated with fresh, filtered, circulating water. Pet fountain can always keep the water running and fresh.

  • AUTOMATIC WATER DISPENSER: It can hold about 1500ml of water. Cat water bowl plugs easily into standard household outlets without the hassle of replacing batteries. Water reservoir & power cord easily detach for convenient hand washing.

  • FILTERED WATER: Charcoal filter catches hair and dirt before they reach the pump, and the constant water circulation in the bowl helps prevent bacteria growth. It continuously purifies water and keeps water fresher, cleaner.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: BPA-free design comes apart for easy cleaning and is designed with less hard-to-clean corners and crevices.


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