Futuristic Holographic Display

Futuristic Holographic Display

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Experience the Latest 3D Technology Hologram Display and Be Amazed!

Want to add a realistic and eye-catching holographic effect for your business effectively convert passive audiences into real buyers?

One of the most cost-effective display solutions to create a holographic illusion is the new Holographic Air Fan Display. This hologram machine creates the illusion of an airborne hologram. The brightness and strong colors make it very visible even in light-filled environments.

The amazing illusion is created by a high-speed spinning LED light bar, making the hardware structure virtually invisible, and a video floating effect. It's extremely easy to change the video content, just plug the micro SD card into the slot and it's ready to go.

  • LATEST 3D EFFECT TECHNOLOGY: This holographic display has the latest, smartest and most attractive 3D effect display. The image does not have borders and backgrounds, it makes you feel that it appears completely in the air and creates an incredible scenario for your products or events. Perfect to use in department stores, shopping malls, casinos, bars, signs for the railway station.

  • EASY TO USE & INSTALL: The hologram set can be installed and used extremely easily. It comes with an SD card with pattern editing software. It’s recommended to be installed above 3.5m. You can customize video or pictures as you want, just simply copy video into the card, it will bring you a vivid 3D images and video in the air.

  • ATTRACTIVE: Stand out from your competitors. This 3D holographic display is much more than just "a cool thing." It is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated seamlessly into your business, providing you with a complete media planning system and helping you outshine the competition in the industry.


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